2019 Plans

Course Updates
This December marks three years I have been working on JavaScript for WordPress as my primary employment.  However, 2019 will be the first year I focus entirely on JavaScript for WordPress. 2019 Courses I am really excited about this change and want to share...Read More

Gutenberg Show – 3.4 🎟

Gutenberg Live Show
Show Notes Gutenberg 3.4 is out State of ACF in Gutenberg ACF on Shop Talk Show Gutenberg in Drupal Gutenberg The Long View Gutenberg RAMP Gutenberg RAMP Video Thanks to Give! Thanks to Give for sponsoring! Check them out at https://givewp.comRead More

Teaching Teams Deeply

2018 JS for WP Conference
In this talk from the 2018 JavaScript for WordPress Conference, Educator and Developer, Brian Richards, talks about how to successfully train your teams and keep them excited and learning. Slides from the Talk Thanks to Sponsors 10up & WP Buffs...Read More