var let const in JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

var vs. let vs. const Compared in JavaScript – When and How to Use Each One

Most JavaScript developers are familiar with the var keyword as well as the newer additions of “let” and “const” to the language.  In this video we compare var, let and const. You can see the chart referenced in the video found below: To Learn More For more lessons on how JavaScript works, check out the JavaScript for WordPress Master […]

Jacob Arriola Vue JavaScript for WordPress Case Study w Zac Gordon

VueJS & WordPress API Case Study – ft Jacob Arriola and Zeek Interactive

Jacob Arriola is a front end developer working at Zeek Interactive.  They recently launched a project for that uses Vue to manage the search and events filtering in an existing WordPress site.  Listen to Jacob talk about everything from accessing the project to how they implemented it. Links: Follow Jacob Arriola on Twitter Follow Zeek Interactive on […]

Summer 2017 JavaScript for WordPress Scholarship

JavaScript for WordPress Scholarship Recipients Summer 2017

The JavaScript for WordPress 2017 Summer Scholarship Thanks to our Partners at Pantheon we are able to offer 3 Scholarships for each of the 3 Enrollment Periods we have for the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course.  You can read more about the Scholarship here. For our Summer Enrollment Period, our Scholarship Board of 16 Members help select the following three […]