JavaScript Basics

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Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript language with this beginners course.  Get practice writing simple JavaScript and getting comfortable with the rules and syntax.  A great pre-requisite for any in-depth study of the JavaScript language.

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Course Outline

  • 01 – Writing JavaScript in the Browser [3:36]
  • 02 – Writing JavaScript in a Code Editor [5:05]
  • 03 – Statements, Expressions and Keywords [3:58]
  • 04 – Data Types and Variables in JavaScript [3:27]
  • 05 – Data Types – Boolean [1:18]
  • 06 – Data Types – Strings [4:52]
  • 07 – Data Types – Numbers & NaN [7:22]
  • 08 – Data Types – Objects [2:52]
  • 09 – Data Types – Symbols [2:59]
  • 10 – Arrays in JavaScript [14:46]
  • 11 – Strong versus Weak Typing and typeof [2:14]
  • 12 – Operators in JavaScript [11:02]
  • 13 – If Statements in JavaScript [6:20]
  • 14 – If Else and Else If Statements in JavaScript [3:22]
  • 15 – Switch Statements in JavaScript [4:33]
  • 16 – Loops in JavaScript [7:11]
  • 17 – Do While and While Loops [5:34]
  • 18 – When to Use For, Do While and While Loops [1:12]
  • 19 – Break and Continue Statements in JavaScript [2:32]
  • 20 – For In and For Of Loops [3:36]
  • 21 – Introduction to Functions [6:07]
  • 22 – Function Parameters [5:28]
  • 23 – Returning Values from Functions [5:19]
  • 24 – Object Methods in JavaScript [5:50]

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13 reviews for JavaScript Basics

  1. Joe Bailey-Roberts (verified owner)

    A really good refresher on JS basics. I’ve started learning development on Gutenberg blocks, and went through this course just to get my brain back into JavaScript before starting on the (also excellent) Gutenberg course. Well explained with a load of decent examples throughout.

  2. benheath (verified owner)

    Zac is an amazing teacher, and this course is no different. If you’re just starting out with JS, or maybe have a little knowledge but want to start back at the basics, this is the course for you.

  3. vincedubroeucq (verified owner)

    Great content as usual. This course is a good refresher or a solid foundation for anyone working with JS !

  4. PAUL EHRMAN (verified owner)

    A great intro to JS,

  5. Tlc1206 (verified owner)

    A really good course on JS basics! Great for if you’re just starting out with Javascript. Zac is a good teacher.

  6. Rustan (verified owner)

    What a great intro to JavaScript

  7. Dan Michael

    What is great about Zac’s course is his ability to explain something complex in plain English. This is a great intro into JavaScript, really thorough explanation of the basics, highly recommend.

  8. DDamir (verified owner)

    An excellent starter course about JavaScript. Zac is an amazing teacher.

  9. conlaccento

    A complete basic course, clear and agreeable. Good not only for newbie, but also to refresh to old knowledge.

  10. Peter

    Great course to get me started with JavaScript!

  11. Mikesale (verified owner)

    This class is *perfect* for both the beginner developer as an introduction to the framework of JS and an unparalleled in my search for an intro for experience developers! He does a great job identifying the peculiarities of JS with the basic structure of the language. I would unreservedly recommend this class to start things off and get a taste of Zac’s great content and teaching style! p.s. he also does a great job linking in Wordpress context around conventions and even links in php parallels in theme development, etc… great class!

  12. Patrick F Kellogg (verified owner)

    Zac has done it again. This course is superb. It is clear, concise and a perfect segway into the path of javascript mastery. I am stoked. Thanks again!

  13. Daniel

    Been working with JavaScript for nearly a decade inside WordPress, took this as a refresher before the upcoming Bootcamp. This was put together perfectly. I thought I was just gonna go through it without learning anything new, boy was I wrong. Got quite a good bit of info advanced usage of loops that I wasn’t previously aware of or using. Can’t wait to get into the Learn JS Deeply & Gutenberg classes as well.

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