The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

Matt Mullenweg gave the homework assignment to "Learn JavaScript, Deeply."

This Master Course will help you get your homework done and learn the cutting edge in JavaScript driven WordPress Development.

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Zac Gordon - JavaScript and WordPress Teacher

With Expert Teacher, Zac Gordon

What You Will Learn

Part 1

Part I: JavaScript the Language

Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript language, from beginning topics like Syntax, the DOM, and Events to advanced topics like OOP, Functional Programming and Asynchronous JavaScript.
Status: Completing Now

Part 2

Part II: JS Libraries & Frameworks

Gain an understanding of the major features of and use cases for Backbone, Angular, Ember and React. Then go in depth building a full stack web app with React, React Router, Redux, Node and Express.
Status: Releasing in Coming Enrollment

Part 3

Part III: The WordPress REST API

Understand how to leverage WordPress using the WP REST API via JSON. This includes setting up custom end points and connecting to a WordPress site using OAuth and a decoupled web app.
Status: Coming in Early 2017

Part 4

Part IV: Real World Projects

A number of leading WordPress shops and developers have built WordPress projects using JavaScript and the REST API. Learn how these projects work and how to customize them.
Status: Continually Releasing New Projects

Enrollment Details

Next Open Enrollment Period

The next enrollment period will be from Tuesday, Oct 25th to Friday Nov 4th. After that enrollment will open again in early 2017.

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Content Release Note

This course is still under development, with around an hour or two of content coming each week. This coming enrollment period will see the completion of Part 1 on Learning JavaScript Deeply and the beginning of the release of Part 2 on Libraries and Frameworks. Part 3 on the WP REST API will be released during the following enrollment. Once you enroll you have lifetime access to the content.

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