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Top 5 Reasons Why To Take This Course


JavaScript Driven WordPress Development Is a Way of the Future

More and more WordPress themes, plugins and apps are leveraging JavaScript for front end, back end, and API related functionality.  This course will set you ahead in the niche of JavaScript driven WordPress development.


The WordPress REST API Can Power Just About Anything

After covering JavaScript in-depth, the course teaches how to integrate the WordPress REST API into themes, plugins and decoupled web apps using JavaScript.  Learn how to customize and integrate the WP API for just about any use.


Fluency with Tools and Frameworks is as Important as Core Language Literacy

In addition to knowing JavaScript, modern web developers need to know a range of tools and frameworks.  This course provides overviews, comparisons, and practice with many of the top JavaScript related tools and frameworks.


Matt Mullenweg Gave the Homework Assignment, "Learn JavaScript, Deeply."

This course is specifically designed to help people in the WordPress community do their homework to learn JavaScript deeply.  We cover everything you need to know: starting from scratch and working up through advance topics. 


Learn At Your Own Pace Forever Using Videos and Real World Projects

This online video course takes a hands on approach with projects.  Code along with the instructor, extending features on your own and learn from the many real world example projects featured in the course.

Jason WendelJS for WP Master Course Student

This has been the best JavaScript course I have taken. I have gone through JavaScript courses on, Team Treehouse, Code Academy, and others. For the first time I have had things clearly explained to me (as if I were in a classroom).

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Course Content What You Will Learn

Part 1 - JavaScript

Part 1:  

Learn JavaScript properly from the ground up: Syntax, the DOM, Events, ESNext and much more.  20 hrs of content and projects. 

JavaScript for WordPress Part 2 - WordPress REST API

Part 2:
WordPress API

Learn how to use and customize the WordPress REST API with WordPress  themes and plugins and decoupled apps.

JavaScript for WordPress Part 3 - Libraries and Frameworks

Part 3:
JS Frameworks

Learn about how to use popular frameworks like React, Vue and Angular within WordPress or in decoupled applications.

Part 4:
Real World Projects

Learn from JavaScript and WordPress API projects built by the pros. New case studies and tutorials released monthly.

Earn Badges Show Off Your Skills

JavaScript for WordPress Badges

The Course Format What to Expect

Video Badge

This is a self-paced online video based course.  Learn from videos and follow along with project files.

Quizzes Badge

Take quizzes to test your knowledge of the content covered.  Earn badges along the way as you progress.

The Projects Badge

Build your own projects showing off what you have learned.  Learn from real world apps built by the pros.

The Instructor Expert Teacher

Zac Gordon Badge

Zac Gordon is an expert WordPress educator, most well known as the WordPress teacher from Treehouse. He has been teaching WordPress to beginner users and advanced developers since WordPress version 2.0.

In addition to his experience in the WordPress community, Zac also has a Masters in Technology Education and is a former College JavaScript Professor.

Outside of teaching, Zac runs the world's largest web hosting company dedicated to students and teachers.

From the Pros Course Endorsements

JavaScript For WordPress is a very thorough course, and is useful for all experience levels.  Zac has a great command of the material, and it’s been a good basis for discussion in our JavaScript study group.

Ryan KienstraEngineer at


Pro Tip: If you want to really learn JavaScript, then grab up the next open JavaScript for WordPress seat with Zac Gordon.  Level up your game.

I've know and followed Zac long enough to know that if you have the time and money to invest in this course, then you should do it.

Tom McFarlinDeveloper and Educator

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