The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course and Cohort Program

The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

Hi! I'm Educator Zac Gordon. I have designed a Master Course to help people in the WordPress Community learn JavaScript and WP API driven development deeply.

Learn from hundreds of videos and hours of content that teach Vanilla JavaScript, the WordPress REST API and JavaScript Frameworks with an experienced educator.

Get the Skills You Need To Make More

Land A Great Job as a Developer

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used languages and in demand skills on the web.  If you want a great job as a front end developer, this course will help you gain the confidence with JavaScript you need to land that job.

Take On More Profitable Projects

With these JavaScript and WP API skills you can take on more custom and profitable projects. If you love your current job, but want to break into the next level of interactive projects with JavaScript, this course will help get you there. 

This Master Course Will Get You There. Just ask the Pros.

Ryan Kienstra

 Ryan Kientra 

 Engineer at XWP
WordPress VIP Partners 


Zac is an exceptional educator. He has a rare clarity in explaining complex topics, and he shows them in concrete examples and projects.

At XWP, we've been fortunate to have Zac lead our Company Cohort Group. 

I'd recommend taking any opportunity to work with Zac. His JavaScript For WordPress Master Course is one of the most thorough and forward-thinking courses I've taken. Personal interaction with him is also really valuable, and is sure to bring new insights.

What You Will Learn

Part 1 - JavaScript

Part 1:

Learn JavaScript properly from the ground up: Syntax, the DOM, Events, JSON, Local Storage, Dev Tools and Advanced Topics.

JavaScript for WordPress Part 2 - WordPress REST API

Part 2:
WordPress API

Learn how to Use, Authenticate with and Customize the WordPress REST API in themes, plugins and decoupled projects.

JavaScript for WordPress Part 3 - Libraries and Frameworks

Part 3:
JavaScript Frameworks

Learn about how to use Popular JavaScript Frameworks like Vue and React within WordPress or in decoupled applications.

Part 4:
Real World Projects

Learn from text-based, tutorial style write ups on JavaScript and WordPress API projects built by the pros and live in production.

Join a Cohort For Deeper Learning

Weekly Slack Checkins

Check in with Zac each week on your progress.  Get answers to questions, suggestions on good learning/work/life balance, and extra motivation.

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Community of Students

With the Cohort Program, you will have access to build valuable relationships with a group of other students serious about learning JavaScript deeply.

Monthly Video Discussions

Meet once a month via video calls with Zac and your cohort to discuss the Master Course and current topics in the area of JavaScript and WordPress. 

Hear From Current Students

Elliott Porter

Elliott Porter​​​

WordPress Developer
Cohort Student


Having Zac on the other end of the webcam and sharing with the other students has been fantastic and worth the investment in the course just by itself.

If you are serious about learning JavaScript, invest in this course. The time with Zac on those monthly calls is worth it alone.

Enroll Today Start Learning Deeply.

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Master Course

  • Lifetime Access to all Master Course Videos
  • Best Effort Support via the Forums
  • Access to the Community Slack Group

Cohort Program

  • Everything from Master Course
  • 1yr of Weekly Slack Checkins
  • 1yr of Monthly Video Discussion Groups

The Master Course and Cohort Program are currently CLOSED for enrollments.  Please see my JavaScript for WordPress Course on Frontend Masters and Gutenberg Development Course until Master Course content becomes available again. Private tutoring available here.