2016 End of the Year Student Update

Hi Folks!

Zac here with a 2016 End of the Year Update for you around some of the Student Feedback I have gotten and how we can improve the course ūüôā

Please take a watch through the different updates:

  • 2016 End of the Year Update
  • Sharing Practice Exercises
  • Shorter Videos & Playlists
  • Join a Study Group in 2017
  • Part 4 Projects¬†Call
  • Content Schedule Roadmap
  • Holiday Homework ūüôā

Thanks so much to all of you who became students in 2016, the course is going to keep getting better!!!

Cheers ūüôā

Fall Enrollment Details

Hi Folks!

Zac here with details for the next JavaScript for WordPress Master Course Update open enrollment period.

Enrollment Dates:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 25th – Friday, Nov. 4th 2016

Enrollment Pricing:

  • All Four Parts: $397
  • Single Part: $199

Common Questions:

  • What is the format of the course? Video
  • Is this course self paced? Yes
  • Is this a one time payment for the course? Yup
  • How long can I keep access? For the lifetime of the course
  • What are the four parts of the course?
    1. Learn JavaScript Deeply
    2. Libraries and Frameworks
    3. The WordPress API
    4. Real World Projects
  • What content is already available? Part 1: JavaScript
  • What content is becoming available? Part 2: Libraries and Frameworks
  • When will Part 3 on the API be available? Next open enrollment
  • When is the next open enrollment? Early 2017

Get Training for Your Company!

The JavaScript for WordPress Master Course is the perfect way to bring your employees or contractors up to speed with front-end JavaScript development skills.

Inquire for details on discounts for getting the Master Course for your team.

That’s it for now! ¬†See you¬†during the enrollment!


Fall Enrollment Coming Soon

Hi Folks!

Zac here with an update on the¬†JavaScript for¬†WordPress Master Course¬†ūüôā

The Next Enrollment Period will be end of October, so get ready!

This will coincide with the beginning of the release of Part 2 on JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks like Backbone, Ember, Angular and React.

More updates on exact dates and pricing will come in the next few weeks, however, I wanted to share a bit of what I have been up to since the last enrollment period and why we had to bump back the coming enrollment, which was originally planned for this last week.

A Week of REST UK Was a Huge Success!

I have been working for the past few months on a week long bootcamp on React and the WP API with the folks from Human Made.

The travel and planning for this event did take some time away from me releasing content, but overall the collaboration has certainly made this Master Course better.

You can read my¬†Review of A Week of REST¬†and check out A Day of RESTin Boston in March 2017, I’ll be there and it would be great to meet ūüôā

Part 1 Teaches JavaScript Deeply [~20hrs]

I know a lot of folks have been waiting to sign up until the React and Framework content started to be released.

However, I suggest that when you sign up, you go back over Part 1, which is a very thorough overview of JavaScript from the ground up to a pretty advanced level.

It has taken me quite a while to prepare, write and record this some 20 hours of content:

  • An Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Language Basics
  • The DOM
  • Events in JavaScript
  • JSON & Local Storage
  • PROJECT – VanillaPress V1
  • JavaScript Development Tools
  • Advanced JavaScript Topics
  • PROJECT – VanillaPress V2

However, come end of October we should be just about wrapped up with all of Part 1 and ready to open enrollment for Part 2.

Watch for Updates Coming Again Soon!!!


Summer Enrollment Update

Hi Folks!

I’m excited to announce that I will be offering a limited enrollment period for the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course next week from Thursday June 2 – 9.



This will be you or your company’s one week window to enroll in the course.

The next enrollment won’t happen again until the fall.

Thanks for all the support, please help me share this on your favorite social networks!!!



Course Release Information Coming!!!

Hi Folks!

A few of you have been asking when to expect an update on the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course.

I wanted to drop you all a quick note that I will be sending out a big update next week with the following information:

  1. When and how I will open the course up again for sign ups
  2. Details on the content release schedule

Also, I want to give a shout out to the Early Bird Sign Up folks who have been working through the content, helping out in the forums, and reaching out to me personally with ways to improve the course ūüôā ¬†Thanks for your help!!!

Okay! ¬†I’ll catch up with you all again next week!!!


Content is Ready for Early Bird Sign Ups!!!

Hi Folks!

Zac here with the long awaited announcement that content for the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course is finally ready!

At this time I am only making the content available to people who have already signed up for the course.  I will have an announcement in a bit opening the course back up for purchase to the general public.

If you have already signed up for the course, you will get an email later today giving you login information.

As I mentioned in my last video update, the content will be coming in stages. Today, the entire 23 video section on JavaScript Language Basics is online and ready.  This section is the equivalent to an entire Treehouse course, and only a small portion of Part 1 РLearning JavaScript Deeply.

Please expect more announcements and content in the coming weeks.

I am so very excited and happy we are finally here ūüôā

So, Happy JavaScripting to those of you who have signed up for the course!!!


Early Bird Release Update

Hi Folks!

Zac here with a few updates on the release of the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course:

  • The team at Pango¬†has been working with me overtime to get the¬†site ready for people to login and start accessing the content.
  • We¬†are making some final tweaks and importing in all of the users.
  • Folks who have already signed up for the course will get an email¬†soon with login information
  • The course will only be available to folks who signed up early for a short time
  • As mentioned in past updates, the course will not be available all at once, and will instead come out in stages

Please continue to check back on updates on the course!


5 Recommended Traditional WordPress Development Courses from Zac Gordon

We take a new and different approach in this course to WordPress development.  It is important to understand some of the conventions we are moving away from though as we explore JS driven WP development.

I recommend having a basic understanding of WP theme development, the template hierarchy, hooks, and possibly even how to build a plugin.  I have several courses on these topics available now that you might want to check out:

You can get a free trial on Treehouse for these courses or download them all with a paid plan.

You do not need to know all of this in depth, but we will look at WordPress themes and plugins in the course and not get much into the PHP side of things.

Release Update and Resources Available Now

Hi Folks!

Zac here with an update on the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course.  First off, if you did not have a chance to watch my last course release video update, please do!

Now I want to share with you a few resources for those who want to access more content right now.

Beginner: Working with JavaScript and WordPress

Brian Hogg

Course advisor, Brian Hogg has a great course available that covers a lot of complimentary content to the Master Course:

  1. How to Use JS with Themes and Plugins РThis is not something I will really get into in this course, but it is fundamental to know how to use JavaScript with traditional themes and plugins.
  2. Using jQuery РWe will not use jQuery much in the course, but it is a super helpful library to know and a lot of WP themes and plugins use it.
  3. AJAX &¬†WP REST API – Brian’s course does a great job showing how you can easily drop some JS & API functionality into an existing theme or plugin.

The course is just under 2hrs and you can watch if for free!  If you have not done too much JS with traditional WP themes or plugins, I encourage you to check out this course!

Advanced: Single Page Web Apps with WP API & Angular

Roy Sivan

Course advisor, Roy Sivan, has a course for those of you looking for more advanced Framework and API related content.

We will work with Angular in the course, but since Part 2: Libraries & Frameworks will not be out for a little while, Roy’s course will let you start learning about using Angular to build a WP theme with the API right now.

Please check out the course preview on Lynda.com ūüôā

Master Course Release Update

I know it is getting close to the release date for Part 1: Learn JavaScript Deeply, but I will save the final details for my next video update.

Also, I am going to start sharing my video updates on the new site blog so more people have access to the details of what’s going on with the course.

Thank you again for your support, and until next time,

Keep on Learning and Happy WordPressing ūüôā