This December marks three years I have been working on JavaScript for WordPress as my primary employment.  However, 2019 will be the first year I focus entirely on JavaScript for WordPress.

2019 Courses

I am really excited about this change and want to share some of the courses I have planned:

1. “React Explained”

I am currently finishing a book on React called “React Explained.”  Once the book is done I will release a video course version of the book.   This will be free for my original Master Course students.  The goal will be to teach the core fundamentals of React on it’s own.  This course does not involve WordPress, but rather teaches Firebase as a data store.  However, all of the skills covered, can be carried over directly into working with WordPress.

2. “Headless WordPress with Gatsby”

I really wanted to do this course in 2018, but Gutenberg.  It’s going to be a really cool course because we will use cutting edge web development tools to build decoupled projects that uses WordPress as a headless backend data store.  Gatsby is a great tool gaining lots of traction, but it is a React framework, hence doing the React Course first.  I am really excited for this course!

3. “React for WordPress Plugins and Themes”

The goal of this course is to show how to make “traditional” PHP driven WordPress themes and plugins more responsive and interactive using JavaScript and React.  We will explore the connection points between React and WordPress and build some cool, practical examples showing what is possible.  This one may also be free for my original Master Course students.

2019 Events

In addition to courses I would like to do a couple of larger events:

The JavaScript for WordPress Conference

The free online conference this year went really well so I am planning to do another one either a few weeks before or after WordCamp Europe.  Watch for speaker applications opening at the start of 2019.  Just like last year, the all day conference and all the talks will be free.  If I can manage to organize it, I will also do offer a paid day of workshops the day before the conference.

3 Month Bootcamps

A majority of my time and effort in 2019 will go to my 3 Month Online JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp.  This has been a huge success and help to students who work through it.  Plus, I get a lot of personal and professional joy from the relationships that develop and how I can see the learning taking place.  Hopefully I will be able to develop a self-paced Bootcamp in 2019 as well.

Live Stream Course Planning

While writing my React Book, I have been live tweeting what I work on in each session.  I’m curious to explore exposing more of what I do researching and building courses via live stream sessions.  There is a lot I think people could learn through this, including things that don’t always make it into a course.

What Do You Want to See?

Part of my plans are based on my own interests and what I see as relevant.  However, I love hearing from students about what they want to see.  So if there is a course or topic you’d love me to cover, please let me know in the comments below!

I should also point out that I have a few plans for 2019 I haven’t listed here 😉

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