Hi Folks!

Zac here with an update on the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course.  First off, if you did not have a chance to watch my last course release video update, please do!

Now I want to share with you a few resources for those who want to access more content right now.

Beginner: Working with JavaScript and WordPress

Brian Hogg

Course advisor, Brian Hogg has a great course available that covers a lot of complimentary content to the Master Course:

  1. How to Use JS with Themes and Plugins – This is not something I will really get into in this course, but it is fundamental to know how to use JavaScript with traditional themes and plugins.
  2. Using jQuery – We will not use jQuery much in the course, but it is a super helpful library to know and a lot of WP themes and plugins use it.
  3. AJAX & WP REST API – Brian’s course does a great job showing how you can easily drop some JS & API functionality into an existing theme or plugin.

The course is just under 2hrs and you can watch if for free!  If you have not done too much JS with traditional WP themes or plugins, I encourage you to check out this course!

Advanced: Single Page Web Apps with WP API & Angular

Roy Sivan

Course advisor, Roy Sivan, has a course for those of you looking for more advanced Framework and API related content.

We will work with Angular in the course, but since Part 2: Libraries & Frameworks will not be out for a little while, Roy’s course will let you start learning about using Angular to build a WP theme with the API right now.

Please check out the course preview on Lynda.com 🙂

Master Course Release Update

I know it is getting close to the release date for Part 1: Learn JavaScript Deeply, but I will save the final details for my next video update.

Also, I am going to start sharing my video updates on the new site blog so more people have access to the details of what’s going on with the course.

Thank you again for your support, and until next time,

Keep on Learning and Happy WordPressing 🙂