Hi Folks!

Zac here with the long awaited announcement that content for the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course is finally ready!

At this time I am only making the content available to people who have already signed up for the course.  I will have an announcement in a bit opening the course back up for purchase to the general public.

If you have already signed up for the course, you will get an email later today giving you login information.

As I mentioned in my last video update, the content will be coming in stages. Today, the entire 23 video section on JavaScript Language Basics is online and ready.  This section is the equivalent to an entire Treehouse course, and only a small portion of Part 1 – Learning JavaScript Deeply.

Please expect more announcements and content in the coming weeks.

I am so very excited and happy we are finally here 🙂

So, Happy JavaScripting to those of you who have signed up for the course!!!