Hi folks!

I had a great time meeting several of you all at WordCamp Miami this last weekend.  My talk on JS libraries and frameworks should be up on WordPress.tv soon, but here are the slides in the meantime 🙂

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting with course advisor, Josh Pollock, who just released a course on the REST API.  I want to tell you about Josh, his course and encourage you all to go buy it (I did)!

Josh Pollock

Josh is a developer and educator who has made a name for himself writing and teaching about the REST API (with a number of Angular examples as well).  He has some impressive pluginsa responsive, drag and drop form builder and the only native WP A/B Testing plugin.

On top of that he wrote The Ultimate Guide to WordPress REST API, an in-depth, free e-book you should definitely download.

His course breaks down into four parts: An Introduction to the API, Authentication Basics, How to Customize the API, and Building Apps with the API and Angular.

I have a few reasons why I think you should take his course before mine comes out in April:

  1. If you have not worked with the API yet, this will be the perfect introduction.
  2. There is a little overlap with my course, but mostly just with API fundamentals you will really want to know.
  3. Josh focuses on building with Angular.  We learn Angular too, but go more in depth with React.
  4. This course is a bit shorter than mine (~3hrs versus ~40 hrs) so you can definitely get through the whole thing in the next month.

You can view the outline of the course and signup on Josh’s site.  He is offering the course as a whole and as individual sections.

Early Bird Special Coming March 1 for Master Course

As I mentioned in the last video update, I will not be doing the Kickstarter, but I will start the early bird specials on March 1st.  I will have more details on that coming later this week 🙂

Thanks again for your support, and until next time,
Keep on Learning and Happy WordPressing!!!