“Ongoing education fuels our success and is the key to attracting top engineers. The best engineers are always learning and growing. The more we can support that process, the more engaged and happy our team is and the better we can serve our clients and the community.”

~ Tine Haugen, Managing Director – XWP


Company Overview

XWP powers extraordinary companies through complex, large-scale WordPress services and solutions. XWP engineers enjoy innovative and challenging work, service-focused and collaborative teammates plus a passion and enthusiasm for what’s being created. We care deeply for our clients and are committed to building best-in-class WordPress solutions as the foundation for scaling businesses around the world.

How XWP Uses JavaScript & the REST API

We develop heavily on top of the Customizer, which was the first single-page application in WordPress. The Customizer is primarily a JavaScript application backed by PHP APIs. We see a lot of potential for both the Customizer and the REST API in the future for WordPress, and JavaScript is the key technology for both.

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