The dynamic times we live in, especially in the tech field, require constant improvement. We believe that this is primarily every person’s internal need so we recruit employees based on this virtue and we support them throughout their SiteGround career. For example we provide extensive employee trainings, cover conference of choice expenses, encourage internal sharing of knowledge with various activities.

SiteGround - JavaScript for WordPress Master Course

Company Overview

SiteGround is officially recommended by and offers high-class managed WordPress hosting built on Linux container platform with ultra-fast SSDs. We proactively innovate and develop in-house solutions such as dynamic caching based on Nginx, and geeky tools like staging, Git, WP-CLI. We are always among the first to introduce a new technology or update that will further increase website performance such as HTTP/2, PHP7 and HHVM.

SiteGround and the WordPress REST API

We do a lot of in-house development in order to provide an outstanding user experience and JavaScrip actually plays a huge role in all our interfaces. For example very soon we will introduce a cPanel revamp, which will be SPA (Single Page Application) completely based on AngularJS.

Our WordPress core developer Ella van Dorp @ellaiseulde works a lot with JavaScrip and most of her contributions to the WP editor are JS code.

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