When working with groups of objects in JavaScript you will likely run across loops. Loops in JavaScript let us iterate over and perform actions on a collection of items, like arrays or objects.

Introduction to Loops

In this first video we begin to look at Loops with JavaScript. You will learn about the most common loop, the for loop, and how and when you can use it.

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Do While and While Loops

Although the for loop is one of the most common loops, it is not the most simple or basic. In this video we look at the do while and while loops.

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For In & For Of Loops

Skipping ahead in the course a bit we come back to some more loops that we have available to us in JavaScript, the For In and For Of Loops.

For In Loops – Allow us to iterate through the properties of an object
For Of Loops – Allow us to iterate through a collection like an array

The For In and For Of Loops are handy tools to have in your belt, and a lot of casual JavaScripters do not know about them.

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Taking it Further

We cover and use loops quite a bit in our course. However, we also go further into functional programs, which operates with a basic starting point of not using Loops.

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