What to Know About HTML Forms

One of the most fundamental and common JavaScript skills involves working with forms. In order to work with forms in JavaScript it helps to know about all of the different HTML elements, attributes and options.

In this first set of videos we are going to look in depth at everything you need to know about HTML forms.

What to Know About JavaScript and Forms

Now that we have covered the basics of working with HTML forms, let’s look at how we can get and set form values using JavaScript. This will allow you to do things like validate forms, dynamically control forms, or take over form submissions.

In this set of videos we continue to look in depth at forms, this time focusing on the JavaScript interactions.

Taking it Further

We cover and use loops quite a bit in our course. However, we also go further into functional programs, which operates with a basic starting point of not using Loops.

To learn about Loops and more, reserve a seat for the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course. We cover everything you need to know about the programming with JavaScript!!!