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Learn JavaScript Deeply

In this course we explore JavaScript in depth. This starts at the very beginning with history and context and proceeds through all of the fundamentals and basics that are important to know and over skipped over when casually learning JavaScript. We then build a large project with Vanilla JavaScript before exploring tools and more advanced and modern JavaScript topics. To cement our learning we will build VanillaPress, a mock WordPress front and back end using vanilla JavaScript.

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8 Sections
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1.1 - An Introduction to JavaScript [0:08:02]

1.2 - JavaScript Language Basics [2:01:35]

1.3 - The DOM [4:55:28]

1.4 - Events in JavaScript [2:11:58]

1.5 - JSON & Local Storage [0:51:02]

1.6 - PROJECT - VanillaPress V1 [2:57:02]

1.7 - JavaScript Development Tools [6:18:44]

1.8 - Advanced JavaScript Topics [5:11:46]