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    I have the latest versions (as of 5/13/18) of WP, Gutenberg, and the example blocks from Zac’s repo. Everything activated and working but I cannot see the to example blocks that we installed. I’ve checked through all blocks in the editor and they are not under any other category, etc.

    Anyone else experience this? Why do I feel like I’ve missed something…

    Thanks for any help…


    Zac Gordon

    Hey Adam! There were some recent changes to the Gutenberg Core code. I will be updating the example files this week so let me do that and then we can try again.

    If you want to explore a bit on your own, most of the changes have to do with the location of block files being moved…

    Zac Gordon

    I just tried installing both of the plugins and it is all working for me. Could you explain again the exact problem you’re having?


    Sure… I’m typing this out as I do the steps
    1. Fresh install of 4.9.5 (PHP 7.2.1)
    2. Fresh install, activation of Gutenberg Version 2.8.0
    3. Download, install, and active, and from your repo
    4. Go create a new post, add a new block and … everythings working… OMG

    Sorry for the trouble… all seems well – thanks for taking a look sorry for wasting your time!

    – Adam

    PS – I did do this twice before asking for support… lol


    Having the exact same issue.

    Fresh install of 4.9.7 running the latest version of the twentyseventeen theme.
    Gutenberg 3.3.0 installed, Your Example Blocks v2.1.0 and How to Register a Block V2.0.0

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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