JavaScript Explained Book

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The Book
To Easily Learn
Modern JavaScript

What You Will Learn

  1. JavaScript Fundamentals
  2. Modern Coding Techniques
  3. Common Web APIs
  4. Code Organization

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Book Outline

  1. Working with Simple Data – Learn how to work with some of the most common building blocks of JavaScripts.
  2. Simple Data Exercises – Start off at the very beginning with some easy and helpful coding exercises.
  3. Writing Reusable Code – Early on we learn about DRY – do not repeat yourself. Here we explore functions and their various applications and styles.
  4. Reusable Code Exercises – Practice writing different types of functions in their various styles. Explore parameters and returning values.
  5. Using Complex Data – Get into working with arrays, objects and more complex types of data we commonly use in JavaScript.
  6. Complex Data Exercises – Learn how to create arrays and objects to store and manipulate data.
  7. The Browser API – This chapter explains how to work with creating and modifying HTML and working with user events.
  8. Browser API Exercises – Get comfortable manipulating content and creating custom user interactions.
  9. The Fetch API – Learn about how to request data from third party APIs and use them in your JavaScript.
  10. Fetch API Exercises – Practice getting and using data from a variety of popular free APIs.
  11. Organizing Your Code – In this chapter we learn about imports, exports, component architecture and how to use modern build tools.
  12. Code Organization Practice – Practice setting up build tools and organizing code for larger projects.
  13. Building a Full Application – Here we will build a full application from scratch using everything we have learned.
  14. Next Steps – Get a head start on what to do now that you have learned JavaScript.