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    Indra Lukmana


    In the “More Practice with State, setState and Props” section. The video show the code for how to make button with <input> then change it to use <button>. I follow the instruction in the Practice4.js using <input> with type=”button” so before playing the video I use this code:

    const Button = props => (
      <input type="button" onClick={props.onCLick} value={props.text} />

    As opposed to the <button> used in the video:

    const Button = props => <button onClick={props.onCLick}>{props.text}</button>;

    I don’t think they are different because they are not in a form element. But they should behave differently in form elemen, is this correct?


    Its better practice to use button, as there was a bug in firefox which prevented you setting line height for Input type button.

    Plus <button> has a much wider range of rendering possibilities, for example Input type button can only have text where as button can have images,icons ,etc

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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