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    Hey Zac, I have a few questions on server side rendering with React and wordpress

    I worked through the gutenberg courses and I built a small app on top of the plugin environment you set up.

    I do a good bit of integrations with property management systems (realpage, yardi, propertybase) where I pull in data from a rest api and display properties on the frontend of my wordpress sites. Then I use wordpress for any other custom post type features.

    So, with your courses and

    I’ve managed to fumble around and set up something that works, but I’m still not convinced it’s the most efficient way to server side render items.

    Basically, it the main php file of the plugin, I set up a transient to wp_get_remote to hit the api once someone visits a site. Then I use file_put_contents after massaging the data to save off the json into a data folder

    Still all in php. Then from there I created a shortcode that uses wp_get_remote to grab that new json file, and spit it out within a #root div.

    Soo, I’m pretty much duplicating what I would do in php and react, I just render the same thing over the shortcode content with react. I’m working with MAMP and a Liquid web server

    I would love to share a repo with you and get any thoughts or ideas on a better way to approach this. A course like this would be really valuable

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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