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    Zach Atkinson

    Hi guys,

    Just getting into some Gutenberg development and started on the Gutenberg theme course. On the first lecture, it appears some CSS classes need to be updated. No idea when this changed, but it may frustrate some users if they don’t understand why their changes are taking place. The CSS class in question is gutenberg-editor-page which should be block-editor-page. This code resides in editor.css

    /* Main column width */
    body.gutenberg-editor-page .editor-post-title,
    body.gutenberg-editor-page .editor-default-block-appender,
    body.gutenberg-editor-page .editor-block-list__block {
        max-width: 780px;


    /* Main column width */
    body.block-editor-page .editor-post-title,
    body.block-editor-page .editor-default-block-appender,
    body.block-editor-page .editor-block-list__block {
    Zac Gordon

    Thanks Zach! Adding this to the course 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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