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    Hi Zac,

    Unfortunately your video on the Gatsby Basics course Creating Content with Markdown (MDX) is now out of date because gatsby-mdx is depreciated.

    I managed to switch to using gatsby-plugin-mdx and it works fine, also the video is a lot longer than 5:03 🙂

    This error also effects the next video Creating Dynamic Page Templates. There is no longer a code object in mdx, only body and when I try to code along as per the instructions I get an error:

    ERROR #85907 GRAPHQL

    There was an error in your GraphQL query:

    – Unknown field ‘code’ on type ‘Mdx’.

    To fix this you have to do:

    query MyQuery($slug: String!) {
    mdx(frontmatter: { slug: { eq: $slug } }) {
    frontmatter {


    export default ({
    data: {
    mdx: {
    frontmatter: { title },
    body: content,
    }) => (

    Now I get the post body showing 🙂

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    Zac Gordon

    Thanks for the ping! Actually update this in a later video, but will link to this from the video!

    Alex Fornuto

    Related, when I got to Adding React Components to MDC Files, I was unable to load the Shoutout component from within the markdown file. To resolve:

    1. Go to posts.js and add:
      import { MDXProvider } from "@mdx-js/react"
      import Shoutout from "../components/shoutout"
      const shortcodes = {
    2. And where you import the content, adjust to:
              <MDXProvider components={shortcodes}>
    3. Now in your markdown file, you can use <Shoutout> tags without importing.

    I hope this helps others.

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    Leland Fiegel

    Just wanted to add to this post because it is linked to from this lesson:

    I found that I couldn’t see allMdx available in GraphiQL content without some changes.

    Instead of npm installing gatsby-mdx, install gatsby-plugin-mdx, as described here:

    If you already followed along with the tutorial:

    – In your project directory, remove the ‘gatsby-mdx’ line in your package.json
    – Delete package-lock.json
    – Run the following terminal command in the project directory: npm install –save gatsby-plugin-mdx @mdx-js/mdx @mdx-js/react
    – This will update your package.json and generate a new package-lock.json file
    – Reference your newly installed gatsby-plugin-mdx plugin in gatsby-config.js (merely replacing with “gatsby-mdx” with “gatsby-plugin-mdx” seems to do the trick)
    – Run: gatsby develop
    – At this point, you will see a new “allMdx” section in your GraphiQL which means it can now be queried just like in the course video

    Hope this helps!

    Jory Goehle

    Thanks Leland Fiegel!

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