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    OK, I feel really stupid right now. But I also feel like something important is missing.

    I just got to video 4.02 – Getting Set Up with the Demo Files, and it says:

    “First of all, download the plugin, and install it on your site…”

    I can’t find reference to “the plugin”. There’s no notes on the video page itself, I checked the course overview page that has links to some other things, but I can’t see a link to “the plugin”.

    Have I missed some really obvious bit of information about where this plugin is?


    I assume it’s this here:

    But I honestly can’t find reference to it anywhere, and this episode should really say where to get the plugin from.


    Zac Gordon

    Aw thank you Ross!

    I went and added links in the lesson notes.

    Currently the link is in the main course page under Resources, but I understand that this is easy to miss and had meant to add the direct links. Thanks for pointing this out!!!


    Oh. Hah! I totally missed that.

    Good to have it in the notes. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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