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    Hey Zac, just wanted to offer some feedback on the length of the lessons as you’re doing new content. I wouldn’t go back and redo anything you’ve already released, of course–it’s not *that* much of a difference.

    For me, I **love** the shorter episodes. Ten minutes or less? Yes, I can do it and then I can decide if I want to go on to the next one or if I need to stop. This is particularly true during the week when I only get a few minutes at best to get in there.

    I realize not every topic naturally breaks up into these bite-sized chunks, but wanted you to know that from my point of view, if you’re deciding between one longer and several shorter episodes, I prefer the shorter ones every time.

    P.S. Please teach Tonya @ KnowTheCode how to embed a video player that allows speed controls the way you have–I love that too. I usually watch at 2x but then slow it down if it’s *very* unfamiliar territory–great feature!

    It actually enhances my learning because at the faster speeds, my mind doesn’t have as much time to drift away from what you’re communicating.


    Hey Chris – for Vimeo players (like on Know The Code) this Chrome extension works really well for adjusting playback speed


    @Will, thanks for that!

    Zac Gordon

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback on the video length. I definitely agree that shorter is better but in order to offer and organize soo much content I have hard to make some videos much longer than I normally would. The downside is they take longer to watch, but the upside is when navigating a section there may be only 20 some videos instead of 70 of them.

    I understand there are some tradeoffs there and where I can, I will definitely shoot for shorter videos. However, at least for this section on tools, there are going to be a few more long videos coming.

    Hope that explains things a bit.

    Sarah Ovenall

    Thanks for breaking up the long videos into playlists, it really helps!

    Zac Gordon

    Hi Sarah!

    You’re so welcome 🙂 glad it is helpful!!!

    In the future I will play around with trying to better track within WordPress what video you left off with and jump there even if it’s within a playlists… After I finish some more content tho ;p

    Cheers 🙂 Enjoy the shorter videos 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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