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    Hey Zac,

    I’ve noticed a little mistake in your 1.6.16 – VanillaPress V 0.3 – Save Content from Edit Form [14:21] video. When we created the editor.updateContent function, you forgot to add event.preventDefault(); I was confused for a while because my page kept refreshing as I clicked it, but on your video that line of code never gets added. It’s also missing from the 1.6.16 – VanillaPress V0.3 – Save Content from Edit Form – Completed editor.js file

    Also, in 1.6.19-VanillaPress-V0.3-Adding-Save-Animation and 1.6.20 – VanillaPress V0.3 – Remembering Editor Toggle State – Before the model.js init doesn’t have the if( false === model.checkLocalStore() { condition, so when you refresh the changed are lost.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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