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    Michael Davies

    Hey guys

    Quick question. I joined JS for WP at launch, kept up with the content as it was rolled out, until before the section on VanillaPress. Work and life got in the way, and I stopped for a few months.

    I already work (kind of) in the industry, and need to get some projects done with work that I think the REST API is the way forwards for. I’m limited for time right now, and want to skip ahead to section 2 so I can deliver on these projects. I fully intend to go back and complete VanillaPress etc when there is time.

    Is this a smart plan? Will I be horribly confused by the actual REST API without fully completing section 1? My JS is average at best. PHP/HTML/CSS/JQuery all ok.



    Zac Gordon

    Hey Michael!

    In general you will be okay.

    I do use some JS in the API content that I actually haven’t taught yet in part 1 (mostly ES6 and asynchronous JS stuff) so just be ready for things to look a little more advanced, but in general I think you’ll be okay.

    The one thing I would recommend though is watching the webpack videos since some of the examples require you to know some basic webpack commands.

    Hope that helps!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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