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    Tim Beckett

    Hi Zac,

    Trying to get through the quiz for ‘the DOM’ section. Can’t seem to click through the quiz questions – or rather can click through some, but then it stalls on others. Gone through it twice now after it stalled on Question 7. To be clear, this is not about getting right or wrong – I click the ‘continue’ button and nothing happens or even if it does, takes a minute or more to click through provide ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ and click through to the next question. The first time the quiz stalled on question 7, second time on question 3.

    Anxious to have this section completed. Learn Javascript Deeply indeed! Whew!



    Tim Beckett

    Hi Zac – to follow up. Was able to click through on different computer – my wife’s Imac (I have a Powerbook). But tried 3 times on my computer (Chrome on both) and stalled each time. Question 7 for some reason – gave it 10-15 min, clicked on the button a few times, wouldn’t go through. In case others are having the same problem.

    At last . . . on to Events!


    Zac Gordon

    Hey Tim,

    Sorry about these delays. I haven’t really been able to duplicate the issue, but I do have the ability to wipe quiz attempts which can sometimes help if you are not getting any results at all when taking the quiz. I’m wondering if it might be a simple cookie or cache issue that might need clearing on the computer with issues.

    Sorry for the trouble, but glad you’re now on to Events!!!

    Cheers 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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