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    I wanted to work on an actual project to better develop my skills. I have always wondered about how a Lightbox worked. So I returned to the demo in 1.4.1. To use multiple images I knew I would have to build an array of available images and then loop through the array to build the html page. To test this I added another image in the html page.

        <div id="lightbox-demo">
          <a class="lightbox" href="15May19-166.jpg"><img class="wapuu" src="15May19-166.jpg" alt="JS Wapuu" title="Meet JS for WP Wapuu!!!"></a>
          <a class="lightbox" href="15May19-155_DxO.jpg"><img class="wapuu" src="15May19-155_DxO.jpg" alt="JS Wapuux" title="Meet JS for WP Wapuu!!!"></a>

    However, this did not work. Clicking on the second image always produced the following error regardless of the image used.

    Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type

    I am obviously missing something, probably rather simple. Suggestions.

    Christina Hamilton

    This is a bit late, but is it possible your second image is corrupted? If you create a div with two copies of your first line of HTML, does that give you the same error?

    Zac Gordon

    Hey David,

    I know we talked in the video call, did you get this solved? Wanna post up the solution?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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