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Zac Gordon

Hi @morganran-ge just got this back from Wistia:

It sounds like the problem could be if your viewer had some sort of anti-tracking or security settings enabled. We require the browser to pass the page’s referrer to the Wistia player – so hypothetically, if someone had an anti-tracking plugin/extension running (something like, for example), that could prevent the referrer from being communicated to the Wistia player, which could then result in the player not loading based on your account’s domain restrictions – i.e. because the player couldn’t confirm it was being loaded on your domain, even though it was.

We have a few different ways we could test for this, mostly designed around not turning off Domain Restrictions because it sounds like that would be an ideal situation:
You could ask your viewer to try viewing a video from a different browser and/or incognito/private browsing window, to see if they can narrow down the scope of the problem. Since it works from her mobile device, it does already indicate that this could be the issue.
If they know they have any anti-tracking plugins/extensions running, or other unusually high web security settings, they could try disabling those one at a time to see if it resolves the problem.
We can’t be sure that this is what’s causing the problem, but it is displaying like the standard indicators for this problem. If those tests don’t work, please let us know and we can keep looking into what’s causing the problem.

Please let me know if any of this may apply?