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Great videos, i hope you’ll make a follow up course later with even more advanced stuff about Gutenberg blocks.

I have not finished the course so maybe it’s in some video later, but do you have a description of how to move the finished blocks to the live site?

I’m rather new to Javascript/React development. After the “npm run build”, i assume a new directory is created. Exactly what files, and directories, do i need to copy to the plugin folder on the live site?
Of course, i’m not going to do any development on the live server, so only the files that make the plugin work.

You can use the course plugin as the example. I want to test to see that all those blocks work on my live site.

And, when i in the future build my own blocks, i can use your plugin as the starting point, right? I mean, not the exact blocks, but the directory structure, etc.
And then rename the plugin, namespaces, etc. Any recommendations about that? Strings i have to change, that might be easy to miss.