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Juliette Tworsey

Hi Zac,

Thank you for responding to me so quickly!

You’re right. I do see the course links in my Dashboard now! I think what happened is that when I clicked
on the dashboard link (located on the right hand panel of my account page) it wasn’t/isn’t re-directing
to my actual dashboard page. Also, when I click on the orders tab from my account page it shows that I have only signed up for Gutenberg. From that point on I got a bit confused (+ admittedly had a somewhat late night due to an unexpected visit to the vet…dog is OK 🙂 ).

But, the important thing is the course material is there. I look forward to checking PT 3 again when it is ready.

Cheers and Happy Friday:-)


PS. I’m also looking forward to getting/hearing about your thoughts on the new PWA plugin for WordPress. This seems like a promising tool for making WordPress sites more mobile friendly.