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Zac Gordon

William thank you so much for sharing this.

I agree that more defined exercises could be helpful, but I left them out for two reasons:

1. Was a matter of time involved for myself and the student. In addition to creating all of the examples, to create different exercises too is a lot and at the moment I really need to focus on rolling out more content.
2. Although we cover a lot of content before getting to the projects, like VanillaPress, these are really the best way to practice since we’re really building something practical and fully functioning.

Once the content is all complete I will be going back to try to improve the course more pedalogically and will definitely remember what you point out here because as the instructor I agree.

Hopefully you can follow Joseph’s lead a bit here and play around with your own extra exercises and practice, which is sounds like you have been doing a bit.

Hope this helps and thanks again!!