Team Training

$497.00 / month

Want your development team to have a solid baseline of skills necessary to work with JavaScript and WordPress in the coming years?

Over the course of 3 to 6 months of Team Training with Zac Gordon, your team will feel more confident taking on JavaScript rich WordPress projects.

The structure of the training involves a one hour weekly group video call where Zac will lecture, answer questions, and lead discussions on the topics listed below as well as modern development trends.

For increased success, team members should receive four hours per week, including the calls, to watch the recommended videos and practice building projects. At the end of each week, team members will check in with their progress via a private slack channel and get support and feedback from Zac.

Empower your development team with the skills and confidence they need to take on interactive and modern JavaScript driven WordPress projects!


Team Training Details

Team Training covers the following topics:

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • API Calls and Services
  • The WordPress REST API
  • JavaScript Development Tools
  • React Outside of WordPress
  • React Inside WordPress
  • Gutenberg Block Development
  • Using JavaScript & React in Plugins and Themes
  • Headless WordPress Development

Team Training Includes the Following:

  • 1 Hour Weekly Group Lecture and Discussion Video Call
  • Private Slack Group with Weekly Checkins on Progress
  • Structured Curriculum and Recommended Resources

To go along with the Team Training, each team member will need a membership for access to the library of courses we will reference.