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Zac Gordon

Those examples are meant to show how you can use each of the form controls.

If you want to have the form controls do specific things it would just be a matter of writing the custom JavaScript to do that.

For instance, if you want to modify the font-size you would hav the control get the value and save it to attributes. Then you could code out inline styles that apply those attribute values where needed.

Or if you want to have a drop down with a few options of how to style a DIV, you would do that with the controls as demoed in the examples. Then you could apply different classes depending on what attribute value was selected.

So I don’t think you will find examples of every thing you want to do specifically, but all the building blocks are there 👍

If you get stuck or are not sure how to do something specific, code up what you can and then throw the link in here and I’ll try to help you get unstuck 🙂