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Thank you for the advice. Luckily all of the toggles and control panel settings worked perfectly before hand. So, I took your advice in a little bit different direction to try and narrow down what I could change in the query versus what didn’t work. I searched through the Gutenberg repo and didn’t find too many helpful bits that actually altered the query which led me to ask where the query keys and terms originated from. Long story short the answer involved referring to the Rest API Documentation.

When I looked at the term categories in the document it said “The terms assigned to the object in the category taxonomy”. I then added hms_event_types: categories to change the endpoint to match my taxonomy. Everything worked like a charm after that. The categories constant returns an integer for the post id which fixed the post query displayed in the editor.

Just wanted to share this bit of information in hopes that it might help save time.

Here is the updated version of my block
Event Custom Post Feed Block