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1. Is there a way to remove Inspector Controls for existing (core) blocks? Specifically, is there a way to remove the “Font Size” RangeControl on the Paragraph block?

2. Can we modify how certain attributes on an existing core block are used? I like the Background Color and Text Color using colors defined in the theme, but this still results in hardcoded, inline styles ( <p style="color: #f00;">). I’d prefer this add additional classes to the paragraph, like .color-red, which could then be styled in the theme.

3. Is there any way to convert a shortcode to a block? Let’s say you have a form plugin that converts [form id=”1″] into the form markup. The plugin now supports Gutenberg and has a Form block. Can that plugin update the existing content that uses the shortcode to use the block, or will the user need to manually delete the shortcode and add the Form block?

4. When building a client’s website as a custom theme and implementing custom blocks in a plugin, what’s the best way to divide up the styles between the two? For instance, let’s say my theme has 5 brand colors defined and I’m making a CTA block that can use any of those colors as the background. Do I put all the styling (including actual color used) in the plugin? Do I put a generic, one-color styling of the CTA in the plugin and then the 5 brand colors override it in the theme? It seems like in many instances the look and feel of a custom block is inextricably tied to the functionality (ex: background color dropdown).

5. When building a public plugin using the “Gutenberg Course” plugin as a guide, what should be excluded from the development repo using .gitignore, and what is the process of creating the production version for I noticed that my local copy of Gutenberg installed through is missing a lot of the development files found on the GitHub version of Gutenberg.