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Zac Gordon

Hey Tomas!

Thanks for bringing up this discussion. It is something I have heard before from students who are newer to programming JavaScript and want to practice but could use a little more guidance with what projects to tackle next.

I agree and it was a conscious decision to not include these at this time. This was mostly because this course is so big that I really need to get through the content. In addition to creating the exercises in the videos and the projects we build it would have taken me quite longer since coming up with creative and good extra examples is tricky (as you’re pointing out).

Once we get into Part 2 and 3 of the course this will be less of an issue and I will see if maybe we can compile some things other students have done, but I do not usually expect much. Just take what we learned, tweak it and see if you can do the same thing again, but a little different. It is really the route practice that is important not really you extrapolating creative, complex ideas.

But all that said, I hear you.

Once you build through VanillaPress V1 and then go back and look at some of the videos again you will have a lot more ideas and a lot more will come to you, so don’t worry about it too much, and I’ll do what I can at some point to try to help remedy the problem you bring up here.