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Hello Zac,

I hope you’re well today. I have been watching with great interest some of your “How people I learn from, learn JavaScript” YouTube videos, which make for great content.
I just finished watching your March 2017 video with Julien Melissas, which was very inspiring. At the end of the interview, you asked Julien what his tips were for newbies, to get their teeth into JavaScript and really get to grips with it.
This is a short transcript of Julien’s answer (51:25mn):
‘I’m going to spin up a WordPress site and I’m going to talk to the API, I’m going to figure out how the API works and in order to do that, I would recommend using something like, before you even open up your JavaScript console, open up Postman in Chrome, and learn some more about API requests, and how those work. JavaScript client side works really well with APIs, and JSON, JavaScript loves JSON and so I would open that up, check that out, as soon as you’re done with that, use WordPress, or use JavaScript by itself if you want, I think that’s good, I think your example will be short, and if you want to do something more, I mean I would recommend reading about frameworks, or if you want a spoiler, you could listen to my talk, I think I’ve done it twice, both of them have different content, but at the end of the day, really at this point, I really enjoy REACT, I think a lot of people have been using it, it might be fun, because I think it’s the closest to JavaScript by itself, than any of the other frameworks (…) mount a REACT component, and get that to be your magical thing that grabs up the API call and then make a bunch of little components that are your posts or your pages and like call it a day, you’ve just learned a lot and that might take you a day, it might take you a weekend, it might take you two weeks, but I think that, that it going to be really cool.’

Zac, could you kindly share your thoughts on this conversation you had with Julien?
Also, it seems to me that Julien is suggesting that it might be advisable to look into REACT, before learning into WordPress Development, would you say this a fair assumption?

Many thanks indeed for your thoughts on this matter Zac!