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Hello Zac,

Many thanks for your reply to my last query which was quite useful.
Zac, In the 3rd section of the ‘WordPress Block Development’ course (entitled: ‘Working with Register Block Type’), the 2nd of the 9 videos is entitled: ‘Register Block Type; Title Setting’. In the first 2 mns, you demonstrate how the ‘Register Block Type’ block, and the ‘Demo Block’ can be activated on a page, on a Gutenberg site. I have a Gutenberg site, I uploaded these plugins to my ‘Plugins Admin Area’, they both displayed perfectly well. At the 2:02mn mark you suggest: ‘So if we jump into our plugin and come under ‘blocks’ and ‘demo’, and ‘index.js’, we can see here: ‘title’…’ At this point, it appears that you are into the Atom text editor for code, from which you are displaying the plugins structure. My queries are:
1- How did you upload the plugin to the Atom code editor?
2- Which plugins should I upload to the code editor?
3 Do I have to use Atom as a code editor, or could I use Sublime Text for example?
4- Is there a thread on the forum which you could point me to, where you may have already answered similar questions?

Many thanks in advance for your help with these queries Zac,