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Hi Zac,
Thanks for the video – yes, I did understand how to physically type in the commands.

Where I’m stuck is you defined everything as variables and so on in your examples and have been running the little programs as js along with the html.

You do demonstrate at the beginning of this section how to type in the console as document. etc etc, but later on, you don’t demonstrate exactly what you want us to practice. Sorry if it seems obvious to you …

So I’m assuming we can’t define a variable in the console, therefore, exactly how do you want us to check different things in the DOM?

I feel silly posting this, but if I’m struggling, then someone else might benefit, right? And rather than stay quiet and pretend all is good, I’d rather know how to do this and learn from you all the better through the practice 🙂

Thank for your patience. Even one example of the later work would be helpful – not so much the document. etc because you already showed us how in the video with that.