The 3rd Annual JavaScript for WordPress conference is a free, online, 3 day event (July 8-10th) from Zac Gordon that includes workshops, talks and contributing back to WordPress documentation.

Sponsoring the event is a great way to reach a dedicated audience pushing the edge of WordPress development.

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Sponsor Benefits


Support Quality Content

With 2 tracks of talks and 8 hours of workshops, there is so much quality, cutting edge, free content this event will create.


Featured in Newsletter

Global and Framework sponsors will get their logo and call to action in the newsletters going out for the event.


Shoutout Between All Talks

Between all talks there will be 10 minutes where your branding and custom call to action will appear for all attendees.


Mentions on Social Media

As part of promotion for the event and the release of the archive of talks, Global and Framework sponsors will be thanked and tagged in social media posts.


Extended Thanks During Workshops

During the full day of workshops, each sponsor will get an extended thanks during the breaks we take.


Branding on Conference Site

Sponsors get prime placement of their branding and a custom call to action on the conference site.

Conference Details

The JavaScript for WordPress Conference is coming back for it’s second year July 8-10th.  It is a virtual conference aimed at helping developers learn about the latest trends and best practices of using JavaScript in and alongside WordPress.

This year the conference will expand to include a day of workshops led by Zac Gordon or other leading experts, a day of talks from experts and a day of contribution to help improve JavaScript related documentation.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the standard benefits, sponsor packages include the following benefits:

  • Branding on the conference page
  • Mentions between talks
  • Extended mentions during workshops
  • Opportunity to provide virtual swag to event attendees.
  • Special thanks and mentions in newsletter and social media


JS for WP has a reach of 6.8k via email, 8k via Twitter followers, 1k 2019 conference attendees, 2k+ archive watches and 5k+ monthly site visits on average.

Contnacts 6,800 and Interaction Rate of 70%


JS for WP has an email reach of almost 7k developers with an interaction rate of 70%.

Total Number of Viewers - 1010

2019 Attendance

Last year’s live attendance reached just over 1k live attendees with 2k+ more watches of the video archives.

88.7k Tweet Reach


Zac Gordon’s twitter account goes out to 8k followers with a high engagement of likes, retweets and responses.

5k+ Website Visitors Each Month

Site Visitors

The JS for WP website, where the conference is streamed has a strong user base with more than 5k average monthly visits.

The Audience

Advanced Developers

The majority of attendees of the JS for WP Conf are advanced developers leading the edge of JS driven WP development.

Intermediate Developers

The next group of JS for WP Conf attendees are intermediate devs, comfortable with JavaScript and WordPress development, but looking to dig deeper.

Non Developers

The smallest, but one of the greatest group attendees are folks who do not need to learn JavaScript but understand it’s importance.  Many come from management, design, DIY and support positions.

Global Reach

The JS for WP Conference has a global reach with visitors from all over the world.

List of Top 30 Countries

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  • Logo on Screen Between Talks on Day of Conference
  • Branding and Link on Conference Site

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$ 2,500

  • Extended Plug During Workshops
  • Mentions in Newsletter and Social Marketing
  • Everything from Vanilla Level

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$ 5,000

  • Ad at the Beginning of All Replay Videos
  • Extended Plugs During Conference
  • XL Branding on Site and During Conference Between Talks
  • Everything from Framework Level

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