The JavaScript for WordPress Conference

Friday, July 12th, 2019

The 2nd annual Day of FREE Online Talks from professionals in the arena of JavaScript for WordPress.

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The 2018 Conference was Free in Part Thanks to Our Sponsors

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The 2018 Schedule

Time EDTTrack 1Track 2
Opening Remarks & Office Yoga
Zac Gordon
Please Attend Track 1
The User Experience Bridge
Tammie Lister
JS and WP REST API Security
David Hayes
JS Hooks in WordPress
Adam Silverstein
JavaScript Build Tools
Julien Melissas
Progressive Web Apps for WP
Mike Crantea
State Management with Redux in WP
Josh Pollock
1:00-1:50pmLUNCH BREAK
GraphQL & WordPress
Jason Bahl
Benefits of Testing & Automation
Andrew Taylor
Vue, Nuxt & Server Side JS w WP
Jacob Arriola
Training Teams "Deeply"
Brian Richards
Tonya Mork
WordPress for JS First Devs
Chris Ferdinandi
Closing Remarks & Announcements
Zac Gordon
Please Attend Track 1

All talks have been recorded and made available below over the coming weeks 🙂