The JavaScript for WordPress Bootcamp

Registration Details

  • Start Date: Monday Sept 9th, 2019
  • Length: 12 Weeks (3 Months)
  • Format: Online, Zoom, Slack
  • Cost: $497 (Payment Plans Available)

Space is extremely limited!

"Invaluable! I learned modern JavaScript in a fun, supportive environment."
Amber Chunn
Amber Chun
Bootcamp Grad
"A superb experience! Both from the learning and the great interactions."
Carlos Dinarte
Carlos Dinarte
Bootcamp Grad


5 Reasons to Take This Bootcamp

  1. JavaScript is one of the most in demand programming languages
  2. JavaScript is now a required part of being a WordPress developer
  3. This Bootcamp has a proven record of getting people hired and building cool projects they could not have before
  4. Zac and the group environment help keep you motivated
  5. You will build your portfolio and learn how to interview for new jobs and clients


Weeks 1-10

  1. Monday checkins on Slack
  2. Tuesday 1hr video lecture via Zoom (12pm or 6pm EDT/EST)
  3. Thursday 1hr group discussion via Zoom (12pm or 6pm EDT/EST)
  4. Friday checkins on Slack

The rest of the time should go to completing assignments, practicing exercises and building projects.  Zac is available throughout the Bootcamp via Slack.

Weeks 11-12

The last two weeks focus entirely on building a real world project.  During this time switch to a schedule of flexible, open office hours to get help on your projects.


Pure JavaScript

The first half of the Bootcamp focuses on diving deep into really understanding how JavaScript works as a language and how to build with JavaScript from scratch.

  • Week 1 – Review Fundamentals
  • Week 2 – The DOM and Events
  • Week 3 – Project
  • Week 4 – Development Tools
  • Week 5 – External API Calls
  • Week 6 – Advanced Topics

JavaScript & WordPress

The second half of the Bootcamp focuses on using JavaScript with WordPress.  We dig into how to use JavaScript in themes, plugins and decoupled settings.  This builds off of everything we have learned in previous weeks.

  • Week 7 – Themes and Plugins
  • Week 8 – REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Week 9 – Introduction to React
  • Week 10 – Gutenberg Development

Final Project

The last two weeks of the Bootcamp focus on building a project using JavaScript and WordPress.  Student’s can pick their own project or select from a list of optional projects.  The goal is to have something complete and working to present to the group and use as a portfolio piece.
  • Week 11 – Work on Final Project
  • Week 12 – Finish and Present Final Project
"The Bootcamp has managed to finally demystify many of the core concepts of JavaScript that I have tried to understand in numerous courses before this one."
Jessica Duarte
Bootcamp Grad
"Having a small group of people along with Zac Gordon as a mentor really helps keep the motivation going. Would definitely recommend this Bootcamp!"
Belinda Mustoe
Bootcamp Grad


What Are The Prerequisites?

It is recommended you have some basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS and HTML before starting this Bootcamp.  Experience customizing WordPress themes or building simple plugins will also help.  Complete beginners have successfully completed from the Bootcamp, but expressed they wish they had practiced some basics first.  Zac recommends his Free JavaScript Basics Course and Udemy WordPress Theme and Plugin Development Course as prerequisites. 

How Much Time Will This Take Each Week?

A minimum of ten hours is recommended to dedicate each week to the Bootcamp.  You can get by with less, although many students put in more than ten hours completing exercises and projects each week.

What Time Are the Lectures and Discussions?

Each lecture and discussion group is available at 12pm and 6pm EDT/EST.  Students can choose the best time based on their schedule and alternative between times.  All lectures and discussions are recorded and made available to the group as well.  

Will This Get Me a Job?

Applying for jobs requires a combination of hard skills and soft skills.  In this Bootcamp we will focus on the hard skills you need to work as a frontend dev using JavaScript and WordPress.  Due to the short length of the Bootcamp, it may require some additional time to fully prep your portfolio, resume and answers to interview questions.  But, yes, getting you hired or ready to take on projects is our goal.

Will I Learn How to Build “X Thing” with JavaScript and WordPress?
A number of students come into this Bootcamp looking to learn how to build something specific.  This is great and we will channel this desire into our work with projects.  Other than that we focus on the skills and understanding you need to build anything with JavaScript and WordPress, not just specific things.