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    Are there any goals for when this section will recieve updates?


    Zac Gordon

    Hey Chris,

    Unfortunately exact dates have been impossible for me to predict. But I can share the order for upcoming content:

    1.8 – Advanced JavaScript
    1.9 – VanillaPress V2
    2.2 – WP REST API Authentication
    2.3 – WP REST API Customization

    Once those are rolled out I will start on Part 3 content.

    Like I said, I have not been able to set release dates more than a month out, but I do try to stick to a new video released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Hope that helps!


    Tim Beckett

    Any update on release dates? There’s been no new releases for a month.


    Zac Gordon

    Hey Tim!

    My apologies on the delays here, but I have 1.8 Advanced JS Videos that I am going to start releasing this week!!!

    It took me a little longer than expected to plan this session and some of our team was down in FL during the hurricanes and that set us back another week…

    Content mill should be back up and running now with consistent releases for 1.8 coming up 🙂



    Jin Yunmo

    Hi, Zac, I bought your course almost 2 years ago. But The course updated too slow. Could you step up your pace to record the course in 2018? Thanks very much.


    Zac Gordon

    Hi Jin! Yes! The course will be completed this year 🙂


    Jin Yunmo

    Thanks very much. Your courses are awesome.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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